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Euro Goths

Buying, Selling, Trading

EU Goths buying, selling & trading
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A place where European Goths can buy, sell and trade

This community is for European Goths only!
You must be able to ship your items to any European country.

Posting Guidelines
♥ Do not post more than once within 48 hours.
♥ You can post one image without a cut, anything else must go under a LJ-cut tag.
♥ Feel free to post links to your selling journals, but not eBay (or other) auctions! All such entries will be deleted. This journal is for direct sales and trades only!
♥ You may post your wantlists, but please use the "wantlist" tag.

Posting Items
♥ Include a good description of the item(s) you are offering. Don't forget to include things like size, measurements and condition.
♥ Prices have to be in € (Euro) or £ (British Pounds).

Please leave feedback about doing business with other users here: euro_goths_fb