Kez (succubus_kz) wrote in euro_goths,

Lots of New Items for Sale & Reductions on Reposts, Offers Also Considered :)

Have now placed all sales on facebook as well as photobucket. Tons of Clothes, Accessories, Footwear, Books and More - including Cyberdog, Plastik Wrap, Morgana, Cybertart, Lip Service, Demonia and much more.

Men's and Women's Items.

Sizes from UK6 all the way up to UK28 and for feet from UK3.5 up to UK6.5

New Sales are listed here:

All Reposts can be found in seperate photo albums here:

Feel free to friend me :)

All Sales are listed on my photobucket here:
(I have seperate sub-albums for different items, apart from new items which are on the default album's first 7 pages, until I have time to place them in the relevant album - sorry but it's a hell of a lot of work to do all at once!)
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